Acer rubrum october glory

Mittelgroßer Baum mit gleichmäßig verzweigter Krone, die dicht geschlossen ist und nach oben hin zugespitzt ist. Wuchs, Kleiner bis mittelgroßer Baum, Krone breit pyramidal, oben zugespitzt, Äste, besonders im oberen Teil, aufrecht, insgesamt etwas unregelmäßig, . Herbstfärbung: orange bis scharlachrot, spät färbend. Nicht gefunden, was Sie n? Haben Sie in unserem Pflanzenführer nicht gefunden, was Sie n? Vielleicht ist der betreffende Artikel doch lieferbar.

Learn more about Monrovia plants and. Description: Compact upright grower with deep green leaves. An excellent variety of Canadian Maple and very versatile medium tree. Highly regarded as one of the best of the Maples for autumn colour.

Blazing red autumn colour. An outstanding variety of the American Red Maple, with blazing red autumn colour lasting . The most popular of the Lipstick range of maples. Leaves tend to stay on the tree longer than usual.

Leaves opposite, simple, medium glossy green with long red petioles, fall color deep red to . Acer-rubrum-October-Glor. Wuchs: Klein-Baum bis mittelgroßer Baum, breit kegelförmig, später unregelmäßig, mittelstark . Fiery fall display goes on and on. Easy, fast growing shade tree ? October Glory Maple Trees adapt to many soils and conditions. Quick growing pyramidal deciduous tree, excellent red fall color.

Red maple is one of the most spectacular big-sized trees suitable for large gardens, parks or city avenues. Design Standards for Urban Infrastructure. Plant Species for Urban Landscape Projects in Canberra.

An upright, uniformly shaped tree with dense canopy with excellent late autumn foliage colour. These are named Red Maples because their small . Common Names : Red Maple Height : 12m. Return to the plant list for more photos. ACER RUBRUM OCTOBER GLORY.

An aptly named variety, . One of the most popular red maples. This plant grows well in the following regions: SMSierra and Coastal .

Photo by Flickr user JanetandPhil.

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