Acer shirasawanum autumn moon

Eine gelbe shirasawanum Sorte die ihre beste Farbwirkung in voller Sonne entfaltet. Der Austrieb zeigt sich im . Diese Pflanze ist winterhart. Ein schwachwüchsiger Fächerahorn, der in naher Zukunft auf sich aufmerksam machen wird! Vigorous, versatile and unbelievably easy to grow, this small, dramatic Full Moon maple boasts orange-red highlights on yellow leaves.

Acer shirasawanum Autumn Moon – Japanischer Goldahorn – Zierahorn – Kostenloser Versand ab 29€.

Learn more about Monrovia plants. This ornamental plant enhances the grace of your garden with its quite elegance and bold element. This deciduous tree leafs out in the. Common Name: Autumn Moon Maple Mature Size: ft.

Growth Rate: Moderate Cold Hardiness: -20° F Additional Characteristics: . Sometimes the leaves are completely. A very attractive tree, popular for its beautiful autumn colour. In the summer the leaves are shades of yellow and green with an unusual burnt orange border. Light afternoon shade is recommende .

The accents seem to hold most of the summer and turn a . This Japanese Maple variety is one of my personal favorites! It always seems to take center stage. It has inconspicuous flowers in spring, with bright, . This photo shows the fantastic summer color of Autumn Moon as grown in our display garden. Excellent deciduous tree for small spaces and city gardens. New growth is flaming yellow and will exhibit shades of orange and chartreuse throughout the . Deutsche Name: Goldahorn.

Aureum mit orangefarbenem . Growth Habit: to 15-foot tree USDA Zone: 5-Exposure: full sun for best leaf color Leaf Color: burnt orange in sun Leaf Desc: to short radiating. ACER shirasawanum Autumn Moon. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada. Golden yellow leaves similar to Golden Full Moon Maple with . das perfekte acer shirasawanum autumn moon -Stockfoto.

Riesige Sammlung, hervorragende Auswahl, mehr als 1Mio. Japanischer Goldahorn ‘Autumn Moon’. Blattfärbung Orange und gelb.

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