Amelanchier rainbow pillar

Dank ihres säulenförmigen und straff. Der mehrstämmige Strauch mit seiner schirmartigen Krone . Im Frühjahr zeigen sich zahlreiche weiße Blüten, welche überhängende Trauben. Cet amélanchier du Canache pousse en colonne.

Felsenbirne mit bezaubernd changierender Herbstfäbung und säulenförmigem Wuchs. Il développe des fruits rouges en.

Buy trees online for fast UK delivery, 2yr guarantee! Juneberry and serviceberry species are popular shrubs and trees that are celebrating their renaissance at the beginning of the new millennium. Amelanchier-canadensis-Rai.

The foliage resists to powdery mildew and progresses from green in summer . Nouvel Amélanchier excellent pour la haie en raison de son port étroit, dense et érigé. Son feuillage est résistant au blanc. Sa coloration automnale des plus . Its relatively fine texture sets it apart. It has green leaves that turns into brilliant red .

Position: Suitable for lime free soil types planting on acid soil in full sun or light shade for the best. Pruning: Hard prune after flowering to to encourage . Schlankwachsender Strauch mit dunkelgrünen Blättern, im Herbst orange-rot. Kategorie: Wildobst Heckenpflanzen. Rainbow Pillar Shad ( Rainbow Pillar Serviceberry ). A new introduction from Ohio USA. Neat, compact, upright form with good . An upright shrub or small tree with white flowers in early spring.

The fall color is brilliant red to orange. Return to the plant list for more photos. Fall Color: Orange to re sometimes maroon. Se créer un petit angle salon original dans le jardin!

Salon original dans le jardin. Common Name: Columnar Snowy Mespilus. New introduction from Ohio USA. A neat compact upright form with good autumn colour.

A neat, compact, upright form with good autumn colour. Narrowly upright habit of growth with showy white flowers in spring followed by edible . Dense, upright and symmetrical growth habit.

Foliage turns brilliant .

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