Ammophila breviligulata

Ammophila breviligulata – Blauer Strandhafer, Amerikanisches Dünengras: Wunderschön bogig überhängendes Gras mit attraktiven Blütenrispen und. Amerikanischer Strandhafer – dekoratives Gras, das keine Ausläufer bildet und wunderschön bogig überhängt. LebensforGras Verwendung: Nutzpflanze.

Le Genre Ammophila : espèces (Régions boréales, Afrique du nord). Inflorescence dense et cylindrique.

Der Blaue Strandhafer, hat wunderschön bogig überhängende Blätter die sehr schön stahlblau gefärbt sind. Dieser Strandhafer liebt zwar Sandigeböden, . Yellow, inconspicuous flowers bloom on spikes,. Its inland distribution is limited to active dune habitats along the . Vascular plants of NE US and adjacent Canada.

Common to abundant on the sandy shores and dunes of Lakes Michigan, Huron, and Superior. Collected inland only on the east shore of Douglas Lake, .

Gattung: Strandhafer ( Ammophila ). Synonyme: Ammophila arundinacea Host, nom. Comments: Habitat: Dunes and sandy . Copyright to all material on this web site, except some of the images, belongs to Utah State University. Materials for this web site were developed as part of the . Its distribution inland is rather . Praesent sit amet nisi at nisl ultrices tempor. Sed ante metus, auctor non tellus ac, cursus sagittis diam.

Beach grass is clearly one of the most critically important dune plants. Its fast growing rhizomes can . Canadian Journal of Botany, 5883–892. American beach grass, American beachgrass. A rhizomatous perennial herb formerly naturalised on sand dunes at Newborough Warren (Anglesey), where it was originally planted. This beachy bunchgrass grows vigorously through sandy soils with its strong rhizomes, which give rise . Coarse deciduous grass with narrow, grayish green leaves, yellowish brown in autumn, dries well.

Calamovilfa longifolia (Hook) Scribn.

AMMOPHILA BREVILIGULATA Fern. FAMILY: Gramineae (Poaceae). HABIT: Herbaceous, extensively rhizomatous perennial, -dm. Native grass found on sandy dunes along the beach coast. Good for erosion control in very poor soil conditions.

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Zone climatique : ZONE 2A.

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