Aspidistra elatior

In early summer, it produces fleshy, bell-shape cream colored flowers with maroon . Everything about care, location, watering and varieties. Growth ‎: ‎slowly growing, ever-green, perennial,. Die Blätter sind gestielt, . A nice an easy to care for foliage house plant.

Aspidistra elatior 20–cm. Rare ZZ Plant – Zamioculcas zamiifolia – Hardy House Plant . The most common variety is the one with all green leaves, . It is an easily-maintaine. Common Name ‎: ‎cast-iron plant Family ‎: ‎Asparagaceae Height ‎: ‎2.

Deep shade, single digit temperature winters, poor soil, and extended drought . Characteristics: Size: 1. Indoor plant ideal for the home or office, and very easy to keep.

Given the name Cast Iron . Grows in Light Shade to Shade. A clump-forming perennial with dark green foliage. Leaves are borne on long stalks and are excellent for flower arranging.

Flowers are purple and appear at . Growing in large, leafy clumps, cast iron plant is unsurpassable for dependable, dark green foliage in very lowlight conditions (Fig. 1). This is an excellent foliage plant for dry, shaded areas in the garden. Looking for Cast Iron Plant, also known as Bar Room Plant, for your garden landscape? Be the first to review this product.

SECRETS OF SUCCESS: ___LIGHT – LOW . Hardy outdoors in light to deep shade with normal . The specific epithet elatior means taller. Tweet Many gardeners and landscapers make use of upright plants as ground covers or as fences in various garden designs. Interior designers even use . As its common name suggests, Cast Iron Plant is tough. It will survive low light, infrequent watering and . Honestly, I had never even heard of .

Sie ist der Inbegriff einer langweiligen Topfpflanze: Die Metzger- .

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