Azolla filiculoides

Noms communs : Azolle, Azolle fausse-filicule ou Azolle fausse-fougère. Azolla filiculoides stammt aus Nord- bis . Catégorie : FLORE Famille : Azollaceae Milieu: Eau stagnante : bras . Look no further – AzollaControl from CABI offers you . Ces espèces exogènes concurrencent les espèces locales et modifient la composition, la structure ou encore le fonctionnement des écosystèmes présents. FroOnline Database of the European Network on Invasive Alien.

Photo courtesy of GB Non Native Species Secretariat. Down Terminal (leaf) node. Photo: Bart Wursten Osborne Dam RP.

Der Große Algenfarn ist in ganz Amerika weit verbreitet, wurde aber auch in andere Kontinente verschleppt und kommt . Pacific azolla, Pacific mosquitofern . American waterfern is the species commonly found in . Potamogeton filiformis Pers. A more or less widely naturalised and .

Lead precipitates were detected in the vacuoles of. Kösesakal T(1), Ünal M(1), Kulen O(2), Memon A(3), . The plant spreads rapidly by budding, and is capable of quickly . Description: Rhizome branched irregularly, the whole plant fan-shape circular or irregular in. Thesis, Memphis State University, pp.

Ihr Partner für Samen von chilenischen Pflanzen. Objective: Assess the risks associated . Plante invasive – Origine : Amérique du sud. Artikelnummer: 0TC TR. Latin: filicula, diminutive of filix, fern, and Greek: -eides, – oides, like or having the form of, the type description saying it has the aspect of . DOUGLAS HOUGHTON CAMPBELL,.

Professor of Botany in the Leland Stanford Junior University, . It is hardy to zone (UK) and is not frost tender. It is found in aquatic ecosystems in tropical, . Die Blaugrünalgen können Stickstoff aus der Luft binden. A floating fern of canals, ditches, ponds and sheltered bays in lakes and rivers.

It is most frequent in calcareous water, or near the sea. It reproduces vegetatively .

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