Baptisia australis

Blaue Färberhülse – Geschichte in der Heilkunst und Pflanze mit effektvollen, auffällig leuchtenden Farbakzenten. Growing tips and advice for Blue False Indigo. In spring, this native to the North American prairies . This plant has poison characteristics. A native North American wildflower, False Indigo is an excellent choice for sunny gardens all over the continent.

Blue spikes of pea-shaped flowers resemble the tall racemes of lupines in May and early June.

A slow to mature, but very . In late spring, blue to indigo pea-shaped flowers are. The first plant had fewer stems and consistently flopped . Blue flowers tower above the foliage . These attributes, combined with its striking garden appeal, has led . Riparian terraces, river banks, about dwellings. It is hardy to zone (UK) 5. Mounds of clover-like blue green foliage is .

Herbaceous Perennial Flower, Wildflower. Baptisia australis (L.) R. Show All Show Tabs blue wild indigo. Upright spikes of dark indigo-blue, . Blüten deutlich über dem blaugrünen Laub, kompakt.

The blue baptisia is typically very . Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, Chase County, Kansas. While many times the perennial plant of the . Tim Waters, Flickr, Creative Commons License 2. There are around species. Flowering from June to August, this is one of the most beautiful . The branching foliage and blossoms become showier and. The common name false indigo is derived from it being . Wild Blue Indigo feeds caterpillars while decorating your garden! A superior lupin-like plant needing deep, preferably lime-free soil where its long roots can be left undisturbed.

You will be rewarded with slim spires of rich blue . Langlebige Staude mit hellblauen, lupinenartigen Blüten. Das Laub hält sich lange und verfärbt sich im Herbst leuchtend .

The Latin genus name “ baptisia ” comes from the Greek “bapto,” meaning “to dye. Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und viele weitere Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Blue Wild Indigo Germination: Since this plant does not transplant well, .

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