Cercis canadensis

Großartiger Laubbaum mit rotem Blattwerk! Die Judasbäume (Cercis) sind eine Pflanzengattung in der Familie der Hülsenfrüchtler. Floraison rose, avant les . Flowers that cling to bare woo unsupported by foliage, show real bravado at this time of the year.

Cercis canadensis , the free encyclopedia. Virginia Tech Dendrology is THE source for tree identification.

NC and posseses cordate green leaves that turn yellow to yellowish-orange in the fall. Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, . The bright pink, pea-like blooms produced in the spring, before leaf- out, give Redbud its name. This shrub is sensitive to cold temperatures, so it is . Petit arbre caduc et parfaitement rustique.

This paper will focus on the techniques used in the production of the eastern redbud. It is hardy to zone (UK) and is not frost tender. Senna family (Caesalpiniaceae).

Its native range extends from southern Iowa to Pennsylvania, . General: Legume Family (Fabaceae). The plants may vary in form from dense and . Steckbrief Kanadischer Judasbaum. Wuchshöhe ‎: ‎bis 10m (2-6-10) Alternative Bezeichnungen ‎: ‎Amerikanischer Ju. With similar growing requirements as its Mediterranean . Ses branches arquées et . Arbre de petites dimensions au port arrondi, irrégulier et large. Le tronc est plus ou moins droit et la . This small, attractive tree has spectacular heart shape burgundy coloured leaves that continually change colour throughout the year.

A rich purple in spring,. Austrieb purpurschwarz, danach rote, herzförmige Blätter. Sehr aparter, vasenförmiger Wuchs. Im Herbst leuchtend orange rot.

Für warme und geschützte . Feuilles caduques vert bleuté. Abondantes fleurs rose pourpre en mars-avril.

On peut le maintenir plus bas, car il supporte bien la taille. I returned to Toronto much-pleased with . Kingdom Plantae – Plants. Subkingdom Tracheobionta – Vascular plants.

Superdivision Spermatophyta – Seed plants.

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