Cercis chinensis

Arbres ou arbrisseaux hermaphrodites. Feuilles caduques, alternées, simples, entières, . Arbuste caduc au port compact, buissonnant. Der Judasbaum ist ein dekoratives Ziergehölz, das Ihrem Garten in der Blütezeit asiatisches Flair verleiht. Er ist die kleinbleibende Sorte des Judasbaums und . Description: Dwarf large shrub or small upright growing tree. Large light green heart shaped leaves turn bright yellow in autumn.

A profusion of deep cerise pink. Bien que peu connus chez nous, les cercis sont des arbustes incontournables du printemps. It has abundant groups of rosy-purple spring flowers and attractive heart-shaped . Réponses aux comment, quoi, qui, . Buy cercis Avondale, Red bud tree here. From the first hot days . Chinese Redbud tree online.

These two medium to large sized . This tree will grow to as much as. Flower ‎: ‎Showy, Good Cut Spread ‎: ‎10. Deep-pink, pea-like, flowers unfold . Floraison très abondante en mars-avril avant les feuilles. Masses of purple flowers on bare stems.

Assessor(s):, Lopez Poveda, L. Reviewer(s):, Hilton-Taylor, C. Justification: Cercis chinensis is listed as Least Concern. Looking for Avondale Cercis, also known as Redbu for your garden landscape ? Un Arbre de Judée arbustif. La floraison, rose clair sur bois . More information at Metrotrees. For Sale Online – UK wide delivery.

Pronunciation: SER-sis chi-NEN-sis.

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