Clematis rooguchi

Die Walrdebe eine Hybride aus C. Clematis integrifolia Rooguchi. Grow in fertile, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Vining hybrids are best sited in locations where the flowering parts of the.

Blütenfarbe: Violett-dunkelblaue Blüten. Bei Kultur im Pflanzkübel ist Rooguchi etwas anfällig für Mehltau.

Rich shiny purple, deeply ribbed bell-shaped flowers with silvery-purple margins. Herbaceous, non-clinging, semi-climber or scrambler. Click here to find out more. Dangling from the curved ends of lax stems, dark plum-colored droves of dainty ribbed bells . Unique bell-shaped flowers. Pendulous, bell-shaped deep violet-blue flowers bloom early summer through fall, followed by silky seedheads.

In the summer it produces masses of wonderful. Beutler calls it “a breakthrough plant, .

Single, nodding blue purple lantern flowers June onwards. Plants can be planted straight out if . A Rare vine with small flowers. Starting in early May and continuing through September, this . With training it will gently clamber through open shrubs or on a . Outrageously long-blooming with sumptuous purple bell-shaped flowers, this rambling selection needs no special pruning to . Can be trellised or allowed to sprawl through the garden. Powojnik bylinowy Rooguchi. This vigorous, integrifolia-type clematis.

I take it that these two beautiful blooms are a . das perfekte clematis rooguchi -Stockfoto. Riesige Sammlung, hervorragende Auswahl, mehr als 1Mio. März (nach dem starken Frost). Ribbed sepals recurving at the tips produced in abundance.

It blooms all summer long with pendant, bell-shape deep purple flowers which . De bloemkleur is violetblauw en de bloeitijd is van ca. Treat it as an herbaceous perennial and .

Es ist eine Staudenclematis. Blüht toll von Juni bis September. Man schneidet sie im Herbst oder Frühjahr bis auf den .

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