Clematis venosa violacea

Die Venosa Violacea ist ein wunderschöner, zweifarbiger Kletterstrauch von zierlichem, kletterndem Wuchs. Blütezeit Monat, viticella-small. Clematis Venosa Violacea. CLEMATIS VENOSA VIOLACEA viticella.

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It can reach the length of 10. Vigorous climber flowering through until autumn. We were thwarted by our previous assumptions of the plant. Large white tepals broadly edged and veined in purple. Cream-green filaments darkening to purple, dark purple anthers.

The variety has received the Royal . Grimpante au feuillage en forme de coeur. Flowers late spring to autumn.

Nachdem ich wegen meines Obelisken hier mehrere Threads durchgeackert habe, hat sich die Cvvv in mein Herz geschlichen! I am seeking advice as to how (or if) this clematis , Venosa violacea , should be pruned in winter. It is now winter in the Northern Rivers district of . Eine robuste und winterharte Sorte mit einer eleganten Farbentwicklung, samtig schimmernd. Un cultivar très particulier indispensable au cœur de tout jardin de Clématites de collection digne de ce nom.

Buy online at NatureHills. The colour changes as the flowers mature, it is an amazing show. The margins of each tepal . Click here to find out more.

Find the perfect clematis venosa violacea stock photo. Bicolor lovers love clematis Venosa Violacea , one of the best purple and white flowers available. A multitude of medium sized flowers mingle with shrubs and . The shapely white flowers are stained . High summer, wet weather: even the trickiest of clematis are in full flow.

Viticella group double-flowered. The flowering period is July .

This plant is completely hardy. Vibrant blooms have deep pink edges with lighter pink centers accented by yellow anthers on this compact vine with two . Does well in sun and semi-shade.

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