Die etwa (bis 130) Arten sind in den . Informieren Sie sich über Standorte, Gießen, Umtopfen, Düngen, Vermehren . Amaryllidaceae, série Asiatica – sous-espèces Stenaster. Larger in stature than most other species of Amaryllidaceae, most . Crinum lily cultivars have thrived . Read this article to get tips . These plants have all the typical . Native Range: Garden origin. It thrives in all types of . Bulb Spacing ‎: ‎bulb per sq.

For our own gardens, we only want the best of crinum lilies. So we evaluate in our gardens and keep up with horticulturist across the country to . Nancy Davis Keely of The Garden Club of Houston shares some tips on successfully growing crinums , rain. Every greenhouse should have at least one from this small genus of glorious plants whose blooms so closely rival lilies. Find great deals on eBay for Crinum in Flower Bulbs and Roots.

Planter et cultiver une magnifique plante à bulbes: le crinum aux fleurs blanches ou roses d’un mètre de hauteur. The many species of crinum lilies are native to the warm and tropical parts of the world that include the Americas, Africa, and Asia. They’re known for large, . Crinum Lilies are a bold addition to any home or garden. Crinum Lilies are a tropical plant and prefer lots of sun and a good amount of water. Crinum is a genus of about 1species, most of which occur in Africa.

There are five species native to Australia. Crinum pedunculatum is strictly described as a . A fine specimen plant, Crinums also make excellent underplantings for palms or other coarsely textured landscape plants. Plant four to six feet apart in a mass . In the 19th century, English plant breeders crossed two species of South African crinum lilies – Crinum bulbispermum and C. I had dodged another Crinum bullet but the barrage was not over—- Mary Anne of Mesa, Arizona writes: Can the Crinum Lily be grown in the heat of full sun .

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