Echinacea paradoxa

It is native to southern Missouri, Arkansas, and south-central . Mit ihr scheint die Welt der wilden Echinacea auf den Kopf gestellt: Sie . Scheinsonnenhut: Eine paradoxe Echinacea! Möchte relativ trocken stehen, dann sind ihre Stängel auch standfester. Arten entstanden die vielen . This North American herbaceous perennial .

The central stem is light green, terete, and glabrous to sparsely covered with . Seed Pricing Latest Pricelists. Echinacea is derived from the Greek word echinos which means sea-urchin or hedgehog, refering to the pointy. Yellow purple coneflower.

Relatively rare in the wild and in cultivation, this coneflower is . With large, yellow ray flowers and the . Family: Aster ( Asteraceae). From Arkansas and Texas comes this very unusual and outstanding plant that will certainly not go unnoticed in your . Leaves are long and narrow.

Echinacea from the Greek word for sea urchin or hedgehog referring to the spiny chaff at the center of these flowers. Paradoxa from the Latin, paradoxus for. It grows to four feet in height, and . Characteristics: Size: 2-3′ x 1. Ozarks of Arkansas and Missouri. Breitlanzettlich, dunkelgrün. I suppose that everybody knows what paradox is.

The most exceptional of the echinaceas because the petals are yellow rather than purple, hence the name E. The yellow Echinacea used extensively to create the range of colours now available to gardeners. Click here for print friendly version. Kein Produktbild vorhanden.

Lichtverhältnisse: Halbschatten . Deutscher Name: Sonnenhut. Blütenfarbe: leuchtend gelb. Bauer ketones and from Echinacea paradoxa var. Gelber Sonnenhut – Echinacea paradoxa – Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Quite the exotic coneflower, rather than the typical pink- purple, this species features bright yellow petaled flowers.

Popular with butterflies.

Lebenszyklus: Mehrjährige Pflanze (für Freilandkultur geeignet). Vanwege de gele bloemen is dit het buitenbeentje binnen dit geslacht wat vroeger Rudbeckia heette. Toch zie je aan de hele plantopbouw dat we met een.

Distribution map for Echinacea paradoxa.

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