Elaeagnus ebbingei limelight

Blütezeit: September – November. Kleiner immergrüner Baum, gering verzweigt, straff aufrecht un. Eignet sich als Balkon- und Terrassenpflanze. Bloeiperiode: Augustus, September.

Lichtsituatie: Zon, Halfschaduw.

Kenmerken: Doorns of stekels, Geuren . Période de fructification : Octobre, Novembre. ELAEAGNUS – Ebbingei limelight. Spacing between plants: cm . Evergreen, large, hardy shrub for seaside or other tough areas.

Which foliage do you prefer? Het blad heeft een groene rand met in het midden gele tot lichtgroene vlekken. Ft-os kedvező áron, melyet házhoz is szállítunk.

Espaço de plantação entre as plantas: cm. Tot korting, gratis thuis geleverd in heel België. Buy elaeagnus ebbingei limelight : Delivery by Crocus. Megyeri Szabolcs kertész.

Rounde evergreen shrub with silvery scales . All plants are delivered in the UK by mail order and guaranteed for one year. To give life and beauty directly nature to any environment, there is nothing more . Click here to find out more. The harsh color of the flowers is somewhat softened by the cream of the foliage. Eleagnus de taille moyenne.

Le port est buissonnant et compact. Le feuillage persistant est de couleur verte et . Aufrecht wachsender, immergrüner Strauch. Besonders gut schnittverträglich.

Blatt graugrün, goldgelb gefleckt, . Eine große Mehrheit der Arten sind in gemäßigten und . Easy to grow with variegated foliage giving year round interest.

A rounded shrub with leathery leaves that are beautifully marked . Lustrous, dark green leaves with lime-green and yellow-splashed centres and fragrant, creamy-white, autumn flowers. This versatile, variegated plant is ideal for . Elaeagnus ebbingei Limelight.

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