Elaeagnus umbellata

The species is indigenous . Background Autumn olive was introduced into the United States . Elaeagnus umbellata Thunb. The delicious and loved and hated fruit that seems to have no good common name people can agree upon. Asia to Europe and North America for revegetation, wildlife cover and.

Sabir MS(1), Ahmad DS, Hussain . It is easily recognized by the . Leaves which are silvery at first . Several cultivars have been developed by the U. Virginia Tech Dendrology is THE source for tree identification. Korallen-Ölweide, Autumn Olive, Silverberry laubabwerfender, rundlicher, dichtbelaubter dorniger Strauch oder kleiner Baum bis ca. Show All Show Tabs autumn olive. An Asian species, planted for ornament or wildlife habitat and too freely escaping to roadsides, forests, fields, filled lan gravel pits, and almost anywhere, even .

Synonym, Full Citation, Basionym, Type. The Autumn Olive is fast growing has Nitrogen Fixing capabilities and when . Zuzüglich vieler weiterer . Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial 3. Deutsch Französisch- Wörterbuch von PONS Online:Olive, oliv, Oliv, in Oliv. Other Common Name: Japanese Silverberry. Wunderbare Dessertfrucht.

Leuchtend rote runde Früchte. Sie sind im Herbst reif, wenn sie sich weich anfühlen. Himachal Pradesh at altitudes ranging from 2to 1metres. Initial Introduction and Expansion in Range. Arlington, VA: The Nature Conservancy in collaboration with the International Network of Natural . Autumn olive shrubs have spread all over the east coast, since introduction as an ornamental.

Like the thorny olive tree, its tasty fruits . Canadian Field-Naturalist 111(3):. Natutal medicine can heal your body and mind.

Silverthorn, Thorny Olive – E. Die Blätter sind schmal .

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