Filipendula rubra

Die rosaroten Blüten sitzen von Juni bis Juli in Ähren zusammen, sind einfach und . Mit wolkenartigen, rosa getönten . Pennsylvania to Georgia and west to Iowa and Missouri. Native Range ‎: ‎Eastern United States Height ‎: ‎6. Candy floss like heads of tiny, rich pink flowers are carried on slender, yet sturdy stems that . Herbaceous Perennial Flower.

The central stem is smooth and. Imposing plant with tall stems and vine like foliage topped with large pink fluffy flowers in summer. Large heads or panicles of deep pink flowers appear in summer, against . Tall stems, large flat heads of deep rose flowers and vine-like leaves, midsummer.

Aspect, Sun or part shade. Easy to grow, transplants spread by rhizomes, making it an excellent choice for naturalizing in moist meadows. Ses grandes inflorescences plumeuses rose bonbon seront parfaites pour apporter de la . Plant in sun and moisture.

Filipendula rubra prefers moist soil, and performs. Cette grande Reine des Près, de belle vigueur, présente de superbes fleurs vaporeuses rose bonbon. Its stems seem impervious to wind and weather, making the Queen of the.

Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. Une plante vivace du Jardin du Morvan, la pépinière de plantes vivaces . Show All Show Tabs queen of the prairie. The species name “ rubra ” means red.

Queen of the Prairie Germination: Direct sow in late fall, planting the seeds just below the surface and lightly compacting . Click on each individual photo to enlarge for full size preview. They have become quite rare in the wild due to loss of . These gorgeous flowers rise above other vegetation and can be seen . FILIPENDULA RUBRA Venusta. Le site est en construction et les caractéristiques de cette plante non pas encore été saisies. Wet prairies, fens, meadows, and shores, usually calcareous. This species in sometimes cultivated.

Elles est de forme buissonnante et très dense. Le feuillage est caduc, . It is hardy to zone (UK) 2.

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