Heucherella sweet tea

Anyone who gardens in the shade is familiar with heucherella. A hybrid between Coral Bells and Foam Flower, combining the best traits of both into one plant. White blooms adorn this mounded plant in late spring.

Diese großartige Heucherella bringt ungeahnt kräftige und leuchtende Farben ins Spiel. A great new color for your shade garden!

Heuchera (Coral Bells) has metamorphosed from an . Heucherella Sweet Tea Virtues: We love this butterfly-attracting perennial for its tantalizing array of orange-colored foliage throughout late . Orange tea-colored leaves with cinnamon star. Job on over to my gardening blog and get your free gardening gift. Huge Palmate cinnamon stars are surrounded by the loveliest orange tea coloured borders.

Classic for containers and garden. Evergreen and suitable for any free draining soil it prefers part shade but is tolerant . Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants.

Amazing burn orange coloured leaves. In spring leaves emerge . Discover the beautiful perennials and graceful grasses grown by Santa Rosa Gardens. Plants and garden accessories available for . Undoubtably, the most intensely colored Heucherella ever!

Striking orange foliage is emblazoned with huge star-shaped bursts of cinnamon. Tolerates hot, humid weather. Apricot-orange in the spring to . Buy today and save up to.

Spring leaves like cinnamon stars. These big, palmately cut leaves darken in the summer and lighten up again in the fall. This Heucherella has uniquely stunning foliage color. Huge cinnamon stars are surrounded by the loveliest orange tea coloured borders.

Undeniably the most intensely coloured Heucherella ever! A standard in Heucherellas. Clubcard points on every order.

Most grow well in coastal positions. The warm orange foliage .

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