Hibiscus acetosella

The word acetosella is of Latin origin and is derived from an old name for sorrel . Schön und nützlich: Junge Blätter eßbar. It is hardy to zone (UK) and is frost tender. Africa – possibly native to Angola. Species acetosella means vinegary or slightly .

Flower Color ‎: ‎Pink Soil Type ‎: ‎All kinds of soil as long as it is well-. Sesbania grandiflora (L.) Pers. Classification phylogénétique.

Creative Commons Attribution 3. L black plastic containers (4plants at each location). Plants in Tifton were planted in . This one has dark, maroon-colored leaves to provide spring and .

HIBISCUS acetosella Red Shield. Skimrande, mörkt blodrött bladverk. Upprätt, buskigt växtsätt.

Amazing deep purple red maple shaped leaves form colorful bold borders or hedges when planted . Texas star or red mallow swamp . Photo: Jos Stevens Ferme Randu, southwest Katanga Province, DRC. Hiern is an accepted name. Its dark red leaves are tart, sorrelesque. They harvest easily, chop . Hibiscus cannabinus Hochr. Common Name: Red Shield hibiscus, false roselle.

This gorgeous large burgundy flowered hibiscus has another reason to love it! Specimen: View details of USF Herbarium . Go to Encyclopedia of Life. Description Not Yet Available.

Research was conducted to take advantage of the reduction in plant size and vigor often associated with induced polyploidy. Useful informations about herbs. Kübelpflanze Teichpflanze Beetpflanze Balkonpflanze begeistert durch das rötliche Laub. Jännä nähdä,elävätkö lehdet täysikasvuisenakin samalla tapaa.

Other names include: False Roselle, Maroon Mallow and Red-shield hibiscus. Grown for its dissected red leaves as much as (or more than) for its pink flowers. Author: Adjanohoun et al.

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