Hosta great expectations

Ein breiter unregelmäßiger blaugrüner Rand umgibt . Hosta are among the most popular of perennials for shady areas, with hundreds of varieties now readily available. Plus our Risk Free Guarantee. Listy svetlozelené až žltozelené so širokým, modro-zeleným okrajom prechádzajúcim až do stredu.

Kultivar typu Sieboldiana Elegans.

Blüte weiß, Blatt cremegelbe Mitte und blaugrüner Ran 50cm, Juni – Juli. In folgenden Größen verfügbar: . Giant Hosta Cultivar Sport of sieboldiana. Easily grown in evenly moist, organically rich, well-drained soils in part shade to full shade.

Learn more about Monrovia. A favorite of many, this beautiful Hosta lives up to its name. The thick, puckered leaves have showy sweeps of yellow and white framed by.

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Grows in Part Sun to Light Shade. Flower Color is and blooms in. Hardiness zone 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a,. Its attractive large textured heart-shaped.

Thanks for the excellent advice about this hosta. Great Expectations Hosta features dainty spikes of white bell-shaped flowers rising above the foliage in mid summer. Tall spikes of pale lavender blooms sway above the foliage. Photo by Madelon Gilligan.

Diese attraktive Funkiensort. Slow growing variety, but one that is lovely when mature. Heavily puckered rounded heart shaped leaves with yellow centres.

Высота куста см, ширина куста до см. Big, beautifully variegated leaves add a . Хоста Great Expectation ( Hosta ). Le plant produit de belles grosses fleurs blanches en forme de . Elles peuvent être brillantes, ondulées .

Lights up the shade garden with its warm golden tones. Lebenszyklus: Mehrjährige Pflanze (für Freilandkultur geeignet). Bujnie rosnąca bylina, o dużych liściach.

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