Kolkwitzia amabilis pink cloud

They are bell-shape deep pink outside, lighter pink inside with . In May and June the arching stems of this suckering, deciduous shrub are smothered with masses of small, deep pink , trumpet-like flowers. Période de floraison : Mai, Juin. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. Kolkwitzia amabilis Pink Cloud.

Cascades of bell-shaped pink flowers in late spring.

A mesmerising medium sized deciduous shrub prized for the beautiful pale pink flowers that it bears from late spring to early summer. Each trumpet like flower . Photo credit Missouri Botanical Garden. This large deciduous shrub has showy pink flowers in spring.

Light pink, funnel-shaped flowers cover the arching stems of this old fashioned . Для того щоб збільшити фотографію клікніть на неї. Pruning: Thin out the older wood after flowering to maintain shape. Diese Pflanze ist vollkommen winterhart.

A large dense shrub from China. With deeper pink flowers smothering its graceful stems whic arch under the weight of the lavish display. Return to plant description or home page. Online-Shop für Pflanzen, Garten, Gärtnerzubehör, Deko, Tee.

Versandkostenfrei ab 100. Buy today and save up to. Long lived and soundly frost . Click here to find out more. Grown for the beautiful pale pink flowers that it bears from late spring to early summer.

Strauch, überhängen Blüte rosa groß. Blütenhecke, Solitär, Bienennährpflanze. Lichtsituatie: Zon, Halfschaduw. Kenmerken: Niet giftig, Solitair.

Bekijk het product online of kom naar één van onze winkels, waar we je graag verder . Deciduous, cane growing shrub with long arching shoots and showy flowers. Dark green leaves are small oval . Binnen 2-werkdagen bezorgd!

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