Lantana camara

Ihre Zuchtformen sind beliebte Zierpflanzen, und es ist . In den feuchtwarmen Gebieten . Für Gärten, Balkone und Räume. Alles zu Pflege, Standort und . UF-IFAS Bookstore Pub SP .

A review of the hepatotoxic plant Lantana camara. Sharma OP(1), Sharma S, Pattabhi V, Mahato SB, Sharma PD. Lantana camara Lantana camara , also known as big-sage (Malaysia), wild-sage, red-sage, white-sage.

This amazing plant comes in many combinations of re yellow, and orange flowers in small clusters. Ihr erfahrt alles zur Pflege bei . This plant has poison characteristics. The name Lantana is derived from the Latin name of the unrelated wayfaring tree.

Its allelopathic qualities can reduce vigour of nearby plant species and reduce productivity in orchards.

Cal-IPC classifies this plant as a . Lantana species are pubescent or glabrous perennial herbs and scandent or erect shrubs. Leaves decussate-opposite or ternate, simple,. Züchtung und Produktion von Jungpflanzen im Bereich Beet und Balkon, Stauden und Gräser, Poinsettia. The plants produce multicolored . Brasilien, Ägypten, Vorderasien. Scientific Name: Lantana camara.

It was introduced into the United . Occurs widely in the Asia-Pacific. Shrubs with long weak branches, armed with stout recurved prickles, pubescent. American tropics, has become one of the worst weeds in recorded history.

In Australia, India and . Common Names : Lantana , Common Lantana , Shrub Verbena, Spanish Flag, Tick Berry, Bunga Tahi Ayam, Bunga Pagar. Chinese Name : 五色梅, 马缨丹 . Evergreen-Deciduous: Evergreen. Overall Mature Size: Medium.

Plant Type: Ground Cover, Shrub.

Source: The PLANTS Database, database ( version .4).

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