Leucojum aestivum gravetye giant

Im Frühsommer blühende Sommer-Knotenblume, die mit unserem heimischen Märzenbecher . One of the first plants to emerge, this 24-inch-tall bulb . This robust selection has much larger flowers than the species. Smashing with Narcissus and midseason-to-late Tulips of. Summer snowflake or Loddon lily, pending bell-shaped flowers, white with green dots. These bulbs will naturalize and spread slowly with the most elegant .

Several flowers per stem, white with green tips. Leucojum Aestivum Gravetye Giant. It flourishes both in sunny spots and in darker, shady areas.

Above bold clumps of narrow strap-shaped leaves stand stout, upright stems carrying graceful heads of white, bell-shaped flowers. Larger more robust flowers…and more of them to boot! Location in the Gardens: The Rose . Position, voller sonne – halbschatten.

Een makkelijke en dankbare bol die zeer eenvoudig te kweken is en jarenlang terugkomt.

Die Sommerknotenblume sollte in keinem Naturgarten fehlen. Of zij nu op een wat zonniger plekje staat of in de diepe schaduw . Strap-shape glossy dark green leaves form an upri. Lieferung direkt vom niederländischen Züchter.

Proches des perce-neige avec de plus grosses fleurs, mais fleurissant plus tard au printemps, ses fleurs sont en clochettes blanches, avec les pointes vertes. Categories: Bulb, Premium Plant Tag: White flowers. Gravetye Manor, in Sussex – the former home of Victorian writer and. An easy-going plant that grows and . A lovely robust, bulbous perennial with erect, glossy dark green leaves.

Lightly- fragrant, bell-shape white flowers with green tips in spring. Tall stems bearing emerald-tippe white bells. Very desirable yet easy to establish. You must be logged in to post a . Knotenblume ist eine noch hübschere, wüchsigere und robustere Form der Art.

RHS Award of Garden Merit. In spring, leafless stems that are up . Beschreibung: Catalogo autunnale. Anbieter: Verkaufsort: Veneto.

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