Lilium stargazer

Blüte: Die Orientalische Lilie ‘Stargazer’ ( Lilium ‘ Stargazer ‘) bildet zweifarbige, ansehnliche Blüten von Juni bis August, die zudem stark duftenden. Lilium ‘ Stargazer ‘ (the ‘Stargazer lily’) is a hybrid lily of the ‘Oriental group’. Oriental lilies are known for their fragrant perfume, blooming mid-to-late summer. Lilium ‘ Stargazer ‘ – Die orientalische Hybride ist wirklich ein Star unter den Lilien.

Duftende große sternförmige Blüten auf starkem Stängel mit intensiv rosaroter . Lilium ‘ Stargazer ‘ is how plant taxonomy classifies this flower. The cultivar name ( the part of the name in single quotes) is sometimes written as . Often used by florists, ‘ Star Gazer ‘ lily has bright crimson flowers with purple spots and dark edges. These lilies grow to about feet tall, so they . Oriental Lily Stargazer ( lilium ), perennial plants. Oriental Lily Stargazer is famous for its vibrant pink spotted flowers. This hybrid’s 6-8” wide . Bulb Spacing ‎: ‎8-apart Zones ‎: ‎- Mature Plant Size ‎: ‎28-tall Oriental Lily Stargazer Lilium High Country Gardens https://www.

Im Cache Diese Seite übersetzen Bewertung: – ‎Rezension – ‎79 $ – ‎Auf Lager Oriental Lily ‘ Stargazer ‘ is a classic beauty blooming in summer with large fragrant flowers colored with deep pink strips and speckles, giving the flower a the . Find help information on Lilium ‘ Star Gazer ‘ (Viia/c) lily ‘Star Gazer’ from the RHS.

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