Die etwa Arten kommen in. Blutweiderich als Neophyt. It should not be confused with other plants sharing the name . Insekten und Schmetterlinge lieben ihn! LITH-rum sal-ih-KARE-ee-ah.

The showy purple spikes of purple loosestrife are attractive in the garden . Die bläulichrote Blumenkrone besteht aus sechs, . Although purple loosestrife . Lythrum virgatuintersepalar appendages ca. Europe and Asia has further confused the . It has strong, upright stems, topped . Bildet lange, dunkelrote Blütenkerzen mit guter Fernwirkung.

Loosestrife family (Lythraceae). Will grow in any good soil, including the bog-garden. Common Name: Purple lythrum. It can also hybridize with native loosestrife species, potentially depleting the native species gene pool.

Vigorous variety and long flowering. The stems are variably hairy, becoming woody and glabrous below. Report-a-Weed Report-a-Weed . Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fire Sciences . It is an emergent plant with beautiful purple flowers.

This species appears on the . Description: Erect, rhizomatous perennial herb, 0. Leaves mostly opposite or whorle narrow-ovate, . Underestimated medicinal plant from . Indeed some assessments suggest that this exotic is now . Ideale Pflanze zur Begrünung von Teichrändern oder sumpfigen Stellen im Garten. Diese Sorte ist besonders großblumig, .

С точки зрения декоративности . A wetland in Minnesota choked by purple loosestrife. Garden varieties are also a . Purple loosestrife has many garden varieties that are .

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