Margaret merril rose

Anmutige, hoch gebaute weiße Knospen mit einem satinrosa Schimmer. Von David Austin besonders . Schön wie ein strahlender Sommertag! Duft: sehr stark duftend. Blüte: gefüllt, öfterblühend.

Kategorie: Rose , wurzelnackt. It has superb, white shapely flowers, healthy, dark foliage and good bushy growth. We feature another fragrant rose this month, but this one has stood the test of time and is widely regarded as one of the best roses to grow. Guarantee on all of our Own Root Roses. This vigorous, cluster-flowered bush rose is perfect for an open, sunny site with fertile, moist, well-drained soil.

Margaret Merril Rose This beauty is one of the most fragrant of all roses. Offering good resistance to disease, the beautiful.

Tall, strong, large clear white blooms with prominent red stamens. Small trusses of beautifully forme pearly white flowers are produced throughout the flowering season. High centred and strongly scented . Beautiful flower shape, colour and fragrance combined with superb flowering performance are key factors in the choice of these garden-worthy Award Winning. Armloads of ecru buds open to.

Floribunda – True pearly white blooms tinted with soft pink. Born in small clusters on a. A healthy and popular rose with pale pink flowers in cool climates, white in hotter climates – choose from our extensive selection of plants, seeds and bulbs . Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. Standard roses are normally very similar to bush roses , just lifted off the ground by about 1m. Die öfter blühende Rose ist. This bush is also exceptionally hardy and disease resistant.

Изображения на Викискладе. Blush-tinted in the centre, with golden stamens, they. View the rest of our range today at Eastcroft Roses.

Search for Margaret merril rose. View: Tile Tile view List List view . Ha uno sviluppo eretto ma denso. They have the most incredible scent and gorgeous petals to boot. A must have in the garden. Fast to repeat flower all season.

Abundant, large, glossy foliage. A healthy, trouble-free, easy-to-grow rose that lacks only fragrance, or novelty. Behandeln Sie Ihre Rose anschliessend mit zugelassenen Mehltaumitteln, um Neuinfektionen zu verhindern. Bei Befall mit Sternrusstau entfernen Sie alle . This rose can be found in commerce under several misnomers, some of them odd.

Rosenduft, großblütig, kompaktbuschiger Wuchs, – cm.

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