Philadelphus coronarius aureus

Mock orange is an upright, deciduous shrub grown for its very fragrant, creamy white flowers that bloom in early summer. Er ist absolut winterhart, braucht . Wuchs, Straff aufrecht wachsen jedoch kompakter als die Art. Eingrifflige Weißdorn und verträgt mehr Schatten.

Lime yellow foliage and small highly scented white flowers.

Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special offers. In spring this deciduous shrub erupts in brilliant yellow gold-toned leaves. The foliage turns soft chartreuse by mid-summer following an.

Common name: Mock orange. Soft and dense, deciduous shrub has freely produced scented white flowers in Summer. Augšanas apstākļi Latvijas klimatiskajās zonās: rietumu, vidus,.

Arching, deciduous shrub with yellow-green leaves.

Die Blütenfarbe ist weiss (duftend). Gold-Bauernjasmin mit gelb er Belaubung für Halbschatten. Le plus : Très beau feuillage jaune au débourrage précoce. Verkaufsgröße, Topf cm.

Vermehrung, veg, vegetativ. Sweetly fragrant flowers and gorgeous golden foliage combine for an elegant effect. Philadelphus coronarius , Bauernjasmin, Duftjasmin, Pfeifenstrauch. Описание: раскидистый кустарник высотой около 2м и . Mature Shrubs for sale – try our Mock Orange today! Click here to find out more.

De bladeren zijn goudgeel tot . Скорость роста: растёт умеренно . A charming selection of mockorange boasting shimmering golden yellow foliage and intensely fragrant pure white flowers. Extremely hardy, versatile and low maintenance shrub. Gold foliage contrasts beautifully .

A striking medium sized deciduous shrub with crisp yellow, ovate, lightly serrate and mildly ribbed foliage. Medium to large shrub with fragrant creamy-white flowers in summer. Plant along borders or as an . Bright yellow foliage contrasts beautifully with the landscape. Springtime brings white, very fragrant flowers.

Binnen 2-werkdagen bezorgd! Fountain-like, deciduous shrub with fragrant, white, late spring or early summer flowers.

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