Pyrus calleryana

Mittelhoch mit schmaler, kegelförmiger bis eirunder Krone. Sie eignet sich sehr gut als . Origin: China and Vietnam. Background Callery pear was imported multiple times to the U. Pyrus calleryana , commonly called Callery pear, is native to China and Taiwan. It grows pyramidal to columnar in .

The rigid habit of the plant also makes the . Show All Show Tabs Callery pear. Fairly resistant to fireblight. Brilliant fall colors of red and yellow. Description, Callery Pear cultivars are widely popular for the lovely floral show each spring, compact size and pest resistance. Lovely bloom, glossy leaves, . Синонимы: келлери, городская, груша китайская, Callery pear.

It is hardy to zone (UK) 5. Buy the Tree You See video.

Bradford or Callery pear is native to Korea and Japan, and widely planted in North America for its abundance of white, early-blooming flowers and . An attractive curl in the foliage adds further interest and. Pyramidal in shape when young becoming broad with age. Ihre Blätter besitzen eine schöne dunkelgrüne oder glänzende . Profusion of white flowers in early spring.

Pyrus Calleryana Chanticleer Full Standard Trees (also Chanticleer Pear Full Standard). Buy large, healthy UK trees online with the best guarantee going. Branchlets reddish brown when young, grayish brown when ol terete, initially . Common Name(s): Callery Pear THREAT to MAINE Final Edit Needed. Research Summary: Matt R. Attractive medium-size dense-headed tree with showy white flowers in spring and orange to scarlet autumn colours. Species characteristics: Form – Deciduous or Semievergreen.

Highly variable as to height, width, thorns, fruit color, summer and fall foliage and resistance to . Synonym(s): Bradford pear. Family: Rosaceae ( Rose Family) Duration and Habit: Perennial Tree. An outstanding newish arrival that is ideal as an avenue, shade or accent tree.

PYRUS calleryana Aristocrat. First, the trees bloom so prolifically in .

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