Rudbeckia triloba prairie glow

Dieser Sonnenhut entwickelt sich zu einer großen und . Dauerblüher in einer warmorangeroten Farbvariante! Zweijähriger Massenblüher zur wirkungsvollen Ergänzung von Beet und . A spectacular large plant (height m and spread 90cm) with large 6cm wide ray flowers in burgundy and golds. Prairie Glow Brown-Eyed Susan.

This award winner is not your typical Brown-eyed Susan.

Gold tips accent the vibrant red-orange petals of this long-blooming prairie native. Myriad small rusty red flowers edged with yellow. Short-live but self seeds 36.

I have read things about it such as short lived perennial . A real beauty for the Summer and Autumn garden. Masses of small, black-eyed flowers, reddish with yellow tips with no two flowers looking alike. American Beauties Native Plants.

Zurück zur vorherigen Seite. A continuing show of brilliant daisy flowers of burnt orange with yellow tips and chocolate centers adorn this tall grower throughout the late summer and fall .

Flachkugelige, schwarzer Scheibe. A new bestseller perhaps? The many branches of this bushy plant are covered with masses of rusty-re . A showy bi-ennial forming an upright clump of stems with deeply lobe deep green leaves with branched stems holding . Standort: Sonne Höhe: 100. Features, Available in pot. Spangled with burgundy, bronze and reddish orange shades, irresistible . Generous amounts of burnt orange-red flowers with yellow tips appear from summer until fall with no deadheading.

Choose this variety for . FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Se cultive en bisannuelle. In folgenden Größen verfügbar: . Blüten mit schwarzem Knopf, reichverzweigt.

Wildly colored petals of bronze, reddish-orange, gold and burgundy surround the dark brown cone. Shop for rudbeckia triloba prairie glow – black-eyed susan from White Flower Farm. Slightly variable as usually grown from seed but expect bushy, upright clumps 1- 1.

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