Spiraea betulifolia tor

Verbreitung, Cultivar aus Schweden. Wuchs, Kompakter, niedriger Wuchs, halbrund gedrungen, sehr langsamwüchsig. Bei einem regelmäßigen Rückschnitt . Birkenblatt-Spierstrauch.

Спирея березолистная Тор Голд. Декоративность: Отличается небольшими размерами .

Соцветия щитковидные, белого цвета. Формирует густую округлую . In late spring to early summer its tight mounded foliage is . Spiraea betulifolia , commonly called birchleaf spirea , is native to Japan and eastern Asia. Kostenloser Versand ab 29€.

Pronunciation: sp-i- REE-a bet-u-li-FOL-i-a. Bloeiperiode: Mei – Juni. Bladeren: eiron gekarteld.

The white flowers appear in . Svenskt namn, Björkspirea. Ihre Blätter besitzen eine schöne goldgelbe Farbe, die . Blooms mid to late spring. I had read about it for years and was fortunate enough to finally collect . Compact, mounded and dense shrub covered with tiny white flowers in late spring. Foliage turns orange, red and . Learn more about Monrovia plants and. It has grayish green foliage throughout . Tor Birchleaf Spirea features dainty clusters of white flowers at the ends of the branches from late spring to early summer.

Augšanas apstākļi Latvijas klimatiskajās zonās: rietumu, vidus, austrumu zona. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. A hardy, compact deciduous shrub with dense clusters of creamy white flowers.

It is very low growing and looks lovely amongst grasses. In folgenden Größen verfügbar: P 5. Tiny white flowers cover the plant in late spring. Deadhead to encourage new blooms. Tento opadavý keř má slabě .

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